5 Aug 2010

External Colour Selection

External Colour selection was rather complex task to imagine all different colours in one go....It was confusing to go for Dark Or Lighter Colours..Anyway we had limited choice and it made difficult to digest the colours we have at disposal . Our choice of Colours are as below I hope it might make someones choice easier.....when i post the actual house to compare...

Brick Colour: Boral Choc Tan Smooth faced
MortarColour : Off White
Finish: Flush
Roof Type: Contour Shaped/ Gunmetal
Fascia: Surfmist
Gutter: Monument
Garage Door: SurfMist
Windows: White Birch
Cement Render: Grecian Grey
Front Door: Hume Door XN5 1200 Mm Stained Finish with Translucent Glass
Hope to post picsof the house soon to visualise our dream colours