14 May 2010

Why Ponds?

Its been 9 months we are actively loking to buy a Home for us in Sydney between Westmead & Blacktown . There hasn't been a single weekend in the last 9 mnths without going out on weekend inspecting for a property..Strange but true i have covered all the streets between westmead & Blacktown....But we did not find a Property of our choice. There were couple of properties which we liked but we were late....Then we were  quick on a property at seven hills without looking the neighbouring streets...we lost the 1K deposit on the house...Then the property boom...any reasonable good house now on Auction....So we qued up for Auctions we did participate in couple of Auctions and were wise not to fall prey to auctions adrealine...we lost couple of houses in 2 to 5K range.....we taught Buying a Property is not our cup of Tea....

So we changed our Search radar increased our budget and now started looking on North West of Sydney...we Bumped into Ponds Sales Office without any plans and got our name registerd..we did not paid much attention to the first release mail we got from Landcom....By the time i had my second email we taugt we will give a try ...but we always knew we could not camp for a week....Then came the email saying priority Numbers will be served for Alba 2 release...In No time i rushed to ponds office and there were already 7 people infront of me camping from last night....Out to my surprise one of them happens to be a clsoe friend of mine....which gave us more confidence in the R & D they have done in Ponds...I have 3 preferences before i went to register for the block...I was lucky on third one....Did more research on POnds and we fell in Love with the serenity of Ponds to the Hulla Gulla of Parramatta and we decided 'Yes The Ponds' is the plcae i will Build my House.......

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