24 Jun. 2010

DIY Conveyancing--Settlement of Land

What a day its been ....JG Becomming PM, VS becomming a LL...Great feeling that i could do my own conveyancing and the settlement was as smooth as Silk...
If you have Time and passion to do your own things i would recommend DIY conveyancing if you buying land from Landcom at The Ponds..

Read the Contract from end to end and see any restrictions on the use of land
anything you see ,better get in Touch with a solicitor.Lot easy to deal with other party solicitor rather asking a solictor to ask on behalf....

Things you need at Exchange of Contract:
1. Read the document and ask any doubts to other party solicitor.
2. Sign the documents and get a cheque and handover in person

Things generally You need at settlement would be
1. Transfer certificate.(You only get after you paying Stamp Duty, Form availale on Land Titles office website)
2. Notice of sale or Transfer of sale document (Blue colour Get from Land Titles office as its not available on Net)
3. Contract of sale Document(Landcom would provide during settlement)
4. Settlement Document fom Landcom Conveyencer.(After you sent settlement documents)
5. Final search document (You should only take on the day of settlement from espreson)

I would admit landcom conveyancer was very helpful and very quick to answer any questions you ask..Great lady & my Sincere Thanks for all the Help.

At last i now own a Piece of Land in Australia..But hang on Not yet ..I was told by my Bank manager i have to wait 30 yrs before i pay my Mortage and Jump in Joy that i own a land...

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