19 Jun. 2010

Why Eagle S2 design?

After lot of dilly-dallying finally we settled on te eagle S2 which is on display at Oran park with slight modifications. Our requirements was..
1. We want to have NOrth Eastern Entrance which the main garage perfectly Fits.
2. we wanted a South eastern Kitchen which when we flipped the Family and Kitchen we were able to make it.
3. Our last requirement was to have master bedroom at the back on the south which we could only make it partially where the fourth bed was eually big..
4 last was we always preferred to have a formal lounge rom before the family which could be found in the plan...
Some of things which we did not have in our intial plans but make us in favour of eagle design was Theatre room & Alfresco...
Also there was good privacy between the first two beds to the third and fourth bed...
Above it has a display home and more importantly which was in our Budget range.....
Above all we were able to make justice to our frontage of 16.38 Mtrs with this design...

We did not go for too many extras as we decided we will do it slowly few years down the line..
Only extras we went were the
1. Extra garage which was not in eagle S2 design (Making POnds requirement 5.5 X 5.5)
2. Ceaser stone bench tops to kitchen area.
3. Full Alfresco as dispalyed.
4. Sliding doors to alfresco & Garage entry from Inside.
5. All 450 Mm eaves on all the four sides
6. Upgrade to deluxe package worth fee freebies..Ducted vaccum, alaram, contour roof tiles, Glos Kitchen cupboards..

All in All I ended up with Eagle Home with an Eagle design making me an Eagle fan which i am already a Big fan of Eagles band almost 13 years back when i first heard the "Hell Freezes Over" Album from the eagles..
It reminds me of my Enginering days where there was not a single day passed without listening to Desperado & Hotel California from Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" on my Sony Walkman....
Loks like there is a Strong Bond between Myself and the word Eagle....and i am happy we choose Eagle...Cant wait to play the Eagle DVD i have now in my New Eagle Theatre Room...

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